CP 6.13 (13 Strange Things)

  • Cats growling at corners
  • Cleansing with the moon, the sun, the air instead of incense
  • The protection of prayer
  • Rituals: there are so many rituals in this world for relaxation, readiness, keeping panic at bay, protection, tea or coffee, cooking, holidays…
  • Ellipses are so much more than a representation of missing words in a quote. They let a thought stretch or indicate an appositive that’s softer than other punctuated explanations. They annoy…oh, the bliss of stretching the English language and its guardians of grammar.
  • The pull of naps or twilight daydreams
  • The increasing pollen annually
  • The horrifying entitlements that crash against me increasing the need to flee into words, stories, books, other lives, laziness
  • The way a bedroom can become a safe haven for the spirit even in a bright, happy home
  • Shades of loneliness versus the choice of alone
  • The power we give away
  • The shame we hold inside
  • The odd taste of words swallowed in blood

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