This is a quick and dirty version of basic information for those reading The Epics

Patrons are people who pay money to artists or storytellers or actors, so those people can make a living, travel safely, and have time to focus on their (not so paid) “art” rather than paying jobs. Without Patrons, in older times, artists and the like would spend most of their time working on farms, in forges, as slaves or servants, or other such things.

Today, Patrons do similar things when we support various writers, bloggers, podcasters, lesser known actors, or such on Patreon or YouTube or such websites. We fund people while they do things we appreciate, because most of the people doing that aren’t making enough money to support themselves or the people who help them off a regular paycheck (if they get a regular paycheck).

Leaders in general…As civilization was developing, people would gather together under the leadership of a charismatic warrior-leader. The leader would make sure people were kept safe, would make sure that arguments didn’t break up the group, and would make sure that everyone contributed to the group (tribe or clan). As civilization started to take hold these leaders would be known for giving out conquered land, slaves from wars, wives, and lots of pretty presents or goods (horses, cloth, clothing, etcetera). Eventually, those leaders became kings and queens or politicians…


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