1. It’s super cold outside. I hope everyone has a safe place to sleep.
  2. I feel like I can breathe for a minute.
  3. I miss some of my people.
  4. I love reading out loud despite my dyslexia.
  5. I love science fiction and fantastic lit.
  6. Writing for fifteen minutes a day is more challenging than it should.
  7. I hope all the people traveling are safe.
  8. Tow truck drivers and others who help in times of car trouble are much appreciated.
  9. Should I subscribe to Aaptiv?
  10. I’m so grateful for my job even when I feel defeated or frustrated.
  11. This year has been a series of reminders that flexible and adaptable require reflection.
  12. How much more time do I have?
  13. Why are little cats the noisiest?
  14. Maybe it’s the same reason big dogs think they belong on laps?
  15. I like naps way too much.
  16. Sometimes I crave the quiet.
  17. I just want them all to find success…

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