Random Thoughts

  • The more I watch, the more I listen, the more I read—the more I learn.
  • Got a lot graded today (so much more to do).
  • Being true means embracing the shadow-self and learning to deal with the light and the dark inside.
  • Massive admiration for my friend Paula and her family—she made a huge jump in her thirties to be more true to her whole self. I cannot imagine the strength that takes.
  • I miss the friends I haven’t seen as much of, but I know the love will easily stretch until life brings our orbits closet again.
  • Their “Tigger Modes” are a little hilarious and a little scary.
  • We can all make it through tonight: we can all make it through tomorrow—right?
  • Proud of the former students I run into—they made it to the stage of adulthood where we all feel like we are totally faking it some days…it’s a journey.
  • I was hoping The Saints would win their game.
  • I love listening to the rain.
  • I want another tattoo, but I’ve gotta build up my saving first. A burst of flowers.
  • Why don’t we have more copies of Brave New World?
  • I am so excited for Poetry class and Commonplace Book Projects for seniors.
  • Sometimes I wish I were braver…
  • Few things are easy.
  • I need to get back in my word-bag

Good night, good morning, good day & good luck…