1. I think auras are actually our souls. Our souls surround us and protect us; every time we touch someone else–in anger, in love, in a hurry–we are briefly mingling souls with theirs (take it to it’s logical conclusion).
  2. I fully believe there is more to the world and the universe than we can understand.
  3. I think everyone has the potential to change for the better or to change for the worse.
  4. I also think we are all born with a kernel of evil and a kernel of good–what we do with those is up to us (my root of bitterness is wrapped around my heart of darkness and I work hard to keep them from feeding each other).
  5. I believe that we sometimes get more than we can handle, so that we are forced to ask for and accept help.
  6. Some ghost are left-over emotional energy. Some ghosts are living people in a parallel universe.
  7. I fully believe that people can be possessed, but evil people aren’t often possessed…
  8. I regularly remind myself that if X, Y, and 458 can all turn into productive and reasonable adults, so can my current pop tarts.
  9. I’m slowly working my way toward having my left arm (and left leg) covered in flowers.
  10. It could always get worse…
  11. Some people are missing their compassion chips.
  12. Beowulf and The Scarlet Letter have a number of commonalities

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