1. The much needed mental break that was the first full week of summer, because new ideas got a chance to simmer.
  2. The chance to connect and reconnect with some good friends over the last week or so.
  3. I have plans for English 3: minority voices in American Lit and American philosophers with some heavy historical perspective.
  4. The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff for the angle I can now justify fully with The Crucible.
  5. Poetry.
  6. Knocking out two books on my extensive reading list. Afterwar is anything but subtle; it is a great read though. The Collapsing Empire was fun and fascinating and such a throwback to the sci-fi I teach. I wish I had an unlimited book budget for my classes.
  7. The children of my soul and the friends who raise them so I can revel in the role of “aunty”.
  8. That I’m healthy enough to walk.
  9. The hope that I can/will reign in my laziness.
  10. All the people I love who love me back.
  11. The students I’ve gotten to teach over the last twenty years: those who have learned, those who have hated me, those who listened, those who phoned it in (slightly different meaning now than it was when I first started, but not that different), and those who taught me important lessons.

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