The first thing new people need to know about me is that I adore naps. I like naps as a kid, because it was my alone time with books. Often my father would come home to find my little brother napping with my mom and me in a crib or room happily looking through my books. The great irony of my deep love of stories is that I am mildly dyslexic. I learned how to read thanks to a woman named Rosie Brown who spent over two hours a day working one-on-one with me in a small church school for the second half of my first grade year. All I really remember about the first half of first grade is feeling made fun of and crying every day. I really needed that hour at home when I “napped” (sometimes I still looked at books, sometimes I cried into my pillow, and occasionally I slept). It’s safe to say that napping is a long-time coping mechanism of mine.

I’m a little like Niggle [of Leaf by Niggle by JRR Tolkien]; he painted instead of preparing for his “journey” and I nap instead of doing most things. I understand this is one of the things that makes me bad at adulting. So, I need to remind myself to stay awake and do something—

  • deep clean the floors in my house
  • get rid of the boxes on my dining room table
  • get rid of the huge television that doesn’t work
  • wash, dry, fold, and put away all my linens
  • get rid of the clothes that don’t fit
  • get rid of the clothes I don’t wear
  • clean out my garage
  • set up the metal shelves in my garage
  • reorganize my books
  • reorganize my office
  • paint more
  • read all the books I haven’t read over the last two years
  • write about all the books I read
  • write about those books that I cannot finish
  • dig into the units I’ll be teaching next year
  • write about why I want to teach certain books at certain years and the books that I think have been overrused
  • actually use my rowing machine
  • actually walk in all the pretty places that are available in Pendleton
  • hang out with my friends
  • hang out by myself at my favorite places
  • grade, I guess

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