I could be a cat

Curled up in the yard, fur stopping the wind
Catching the edges of sun through the clouds
Curled up on my owners pillow, leaving hair
Where she sleeps when it rains or doesn’t
Curled up above the sofa watching bird
I’m not allowed to kill, hampering my nature


Shine it on and shake the dust
Off your feet as you walk large,
Laughing loudly enough to make
Your father cringe and your friends judge.

Shine it on and shake the dust
From hands dirtied by work—
Admire the finished product,
Not everyone gets to see the endings.

Shine it on and shake the dust
Where it creeps into everything
Just by virtue of being in the edge
Of the desert when the winds pick up.

Shine it on and shake the dust,
Clean out the mental closet by
Drowning in words or colors or silence
When the pressure makes you want to stop.

Shine it on and shake the dust,
Keep moving forward—crawl
Or walk or run towards the next
Small thing that will make life brighter.


Tactical Retreat (Inspired by reading)

Sometimes my love hurts
The teasing leaves thin lines 
My teeth dig too deep
And I only see the damage when
The blood seeps past thin skin

Sometimes my friendship hurts
The truth cracks both our bones
I bite my tongue and swallow blood
Only for the words to come out
Somewhere unexpected

Sometimes my respect doesn’t matter
My damages are too manifold
For kindness to break through
By the time you realize that’s just me
Sincere apologies for thoughtlessness fall flat

Intentions don’t matter in the aftermath
Of my dangerous love, friendship, or regard
Hiding out only helps for so long
Before I try again—turn it in,
To keep it from falling like acid rain