The Question: How has funding, high stakes assessment, or class funding affected your job?

When I first started teaching, my students wrote three papers and two speeches every semester while we read all the required literature, had in-depth class discussions, and answered study guides questions. The portfolios of best work that came from CIM was valuable. With fewer teachers and a stronger emphasis on testing, I don’t have time to grade that many projects. Thanks to Common Core, I have changed my focus to analytical writing and argumentative research (it covers citing and using sources), but I don’t have the classroom time to get everything done—often testing throws off a month of class time, not just the few days it’s supposed to.

I am not allowed to teach my students what they need, the way they need, because critical thinking isn’t actually as testable as the powers that be seem to think it is. Every group has different needs.

I am drowning in “one more thing we need you to do…”


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