Imagine dragons flying just below the ceiling
While shadows try to gaslight the innocent
With rock anthems blaring out the windows
The switches are flipped, d.c. to a.c., avoiding
The mega death brought by beetles, needles,
And nickels back from the grave with none to save
Next to the park Lincoln waits for rolling stones
As easy as every rapper never had it in white rurality
Really they’re getting their a capella on like the Penatonix
Waiting for the greatness of some random
Beyonce or Kendrick or Jimmi Hendrix’s ghost
To discover their hidden beats—in reality
Talent plus hours plus common courtesy
A little bit of luck, pluck, and applied skill
Get knocked down, get up again
Be so sorry and start reading if you want
My breathing to calm, my shouts to mellow
Hello, world. I’m a little—wait for it—


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