My friends and I break out the great bottles (five years and running).

This year it was Adelsheim and Argyle Pinots before the smoked turkey; Casacade Cliffs RSV Barbera (2012) with dinner [Thank God my stuffing tasted better than it looked!]; a 2012 Forgeron Cab to accompany “Pieces of April”.

We all chip in for food prep [but everything I made flopped this year in looks].

And, we all remember our birth family as we appreciate our FOC.

My folks like to play with recipes, my brother and his family bounce around, and I don’t drive nearly six hours.

I sometimes miss the bizarre movies from my college years: Misery, Fargo, Alive.

The epic bottle is the Shallon Blackberry Wine. If you ever get to Astoria, Oregon and the winemaker is still alive it’s more than worth the stop.


Writing Exercises

Empty streets,

Empty hearts,

Empty wallets,

Empty minds—

Waiting for someone

To save you?

Start moving.

Fill the holes (in yourself)

Let the rest

Remain empty.


Bound by golden cuffs

Chained in place

A dragon waiting

For the princess

With the key to freedom.

Bound by duties

Chained by expectations

Laid by others (parents, friends)

Waiting for the birthday

Announcing adulthood.

Today’s Truths

1. Not everything happens for a reason. In fact, it doesn’t always matter why things happen. How we deal with the things that happen does matter.

2. God totally gives us more than we can handle sometimes. It encourages us to ask for help.

3. I’m a teaching lifer. Every time I have an epically bad day/week/year, I find myself unable to seriously consider working as a barista.

4.  Family of Choice can co-exist with Family of Blood (but they maybe should stay separated).

5. People can’t be saved or changed.

I decided to start writing again, to force myself to write every day on a blog, because of Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking.” It’s time.